Hosting Service

Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers are an excellent solution for businesses and websites with high-traffic in which the client leases a private server not shared with anyone else.


Smart server

Smart Servers are equipped with KVM technology and full root server privilege, providing you with a complete and unabated control and access to their server.


Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Servers come with both OpenVZ and KVM Technology, so you can choose what's most suitable for your unique operations.


Web Hosting

Web Hosting services allow you to build and maintain your very own website on the world-wide-web.

Data Centre

DGCHost’s Data Center is hosted at premier data centers across the country, at tier 3 firms Equinix and Coresite. These centers are equipped with 24/7 onsite security to ensure your data is safe – it’s no wonder why DGCHost boasts a long and trusted reputation among their clients. All DGCHost servers are N + 1 redundant, which ensures system availability in the event of component failure. Ensure uptime and maximum security to protect your enterprise’s most valuable assets.

Tier 3 Data Centre

24/7 onsite security

N + 1 Redundant



Connect to Tier 1 or Top Tier 2 Providers and International Popular Internet Exchanges using the industry’s foremost leading and most trusted network. DGCHost maintains a series of extensive networks to ensure uptime even in the rare event of network failure. Networks are Dual Router enabled so that clients are armed with high network availability to keep their servers and sites online and running. The amount of failsafe mechanisms implemented by DGCHost into their networking infrastructure is precisely the reason why so many multinational firms across the globe entrust DGCHost with their most sensitive and important data.

Top Tier Providers, Internet Exchange

Multihoming Network

High Availability Network


DGCHost is equipped with enterprise grade hardware from top firms like Intel, SuperMicro, and Tyan. Expensive, quality hardware is the reason why DGCHost maintains servers and networks with virtually zero hiccups or downtime. Furthermore, clients can modify and customize

Enterprise Grade hardware

Flexible and fully customization